Flextight Full Resolution Scan

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Once you complete payment, please send your film to the following address (that can be found in your payment receipt as well):

XYZ Prints
att/ Pedro Guimaraes
Rua Ilha do Príncipe 3A - E
1170-182 Lisboa

You can also download and print this shipping label.


Please indicate how many individual scans your are paying for in the quantity field. Each scan will be produced using the maximum resolution setting for each format:

6300 dpi:

. 35mm (24x35 or 24x226)

3200 dpi:

. 120mm (6x45, 6x6, 6x7, 6x9,6x18)
. 4"x5"

.  Gamma 2.2 Greyscale 16 bit per channel for B&W negatives and positives
.  Adobe RGB 16 bit per channel for Colour negatives and positives


Before shipping your negatives and/or slides, please make sure they are correctly stored in sleeves. In case you are sending 35mm or 120 film, please give us clear indication of what frames you need to be scanned. If you have low resolution images of the frames that need to be scanned, please upload those as well using the file drop area.

Always pack your film appropriately using thick cardboard and send it to us using a trackable shipping service.

Depending on order size, film and scanned files will be returned to you typically within 48h after reception. We will of course notify you as soon as we get your parcel.