Mounting & Framing


Apart from Fineart printing, we also offer mounting and framing services. We normally stock a variety of PVC and DIBOND options. Mounting on K-Line or K-mount is also possible for specific uses.

Our mounting boards are made of either high quality extruded PVC or DIBOND. PVC boards are available in black or white colors. All boards boards are available in  3mm, 4mm or 5mm thickness varieties.


Mounted pictures, specially on DIBOND, can also be reinforced with a special subframe made of high-quality extruded aluminium profile that allows direct hanging on the wall. 


In order to choose the right profile for your frames, a visit to our studio is normally recommended. The options are many, as we offer several kinds of materials, not only wooden profiles but also aluminium and composite materials, each of them available with a wide range of finishes. Floating frames are also available.

If you need a quote of simply because you are interested in knowing more about our mounting and framing services, you are more than welcome to book a visit to our studio and see for yourself all the available options. Just get in touch, email us at or simply fill the form bellow. Don't forget to let us know when you'd like to come!